Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfect Example of Mainstream Media’s Support for Obama

As a reader, please answer whether I am wrong to think like this at the comment section of this blog. I really want to know if I am just reading too much into this. Why is this not a Scandal? Why is it that only Fox News who is the Republican Mouthpiece, is the only Media outlet who is covering this story? If it was during Bush Administration, the Media would have ripped Bush a new one in terms of out of control corruption and lack of transparency claims. How many scandals did the media create during Bush’s Administration or events that they classified as “scandals?” During tough economic times, when our Debt is to the roof, the country is bankrupt, millions of dollars gets wasted and it is not considered a scandal? Yet, Obama administration and his loonytoons approves massive amount of money for this so-called Energy Saving company or Green Jobs, and the company went out of business after Millions of dollars were given to them and there was simply no results. What would have happened if Republicans have done that? Here is a quick summary:

Obama administration officials on Wednesday defended a $528 million loan to a solar-panel company that went bankrupt this month, claiming the firm fell victim to global economic trends but that federal investment in alternative energy must continue.
The testimony came as Republican and Democratic lawmakers raised sharp questions about the decision that ultimately left taxpayers on the hook for millions, and as newly released emails show administration officials were raising doubts about the loan proposal to Solyndra months before it was finalized.

This is a perfect example of failures of the Stimulus package and the Leftist agendas. The whole Green Job movement and government involvement to revive the economy through taking over it and passing out hand-outs simply WON’T WORK. Besides all the ideological failures that this news update proves, this is also the perfect proof that the Mainstream Media is in bed with Obama. They simply do not want to accept the fact that this has been one of the worst Presidents this country has ever seen. The Media is simply trying to get him re-elected and they are doing their best to try to cover for this guy. To be honest, they did get him elected on the first place when he simply had no qualifying job experience to ever be the president of this country.
My favorite moment comes from Oprah where she was so excited about him and she was pushing his agenda directly to her female audience that was the directly resulted in Hilary losing to this incompetent president in the Democratic Primaries. Then when they asked her couple of months ago about Obama’s approval, she responds, “I am not involved in Politics, I really do not know what is going on, therefore I cannot comment on Obama’s approval and job performance”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS HE GOT ELECTED AND NOW YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED IN POLITICS?! In that case, you only helped him out because he was BLACK and Oprah you voted only based on racial preference and THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST!!!! If you are not involved in politics, then based on what criteria did you use your power to get this fool elected as the President of this country? If you are not involved in politics, what qualifications did you have to go to such extend and putting on those crazy shows about him? If you are not involved in politics, next time, please shut the hell up instead of trying to influence American Publics opinion. Well, no matter how much they try to cover Obama’s butt, there is one thing they could never do anything about which is unemployment rate which is above 9%. You could not lie about the unemployment rate and that is the perfect proof of the incompetency of this President.
At the end, I cannot predict what would happen on November of next year due to the fact that GOP has been taken over by Rightwing Extremists such as Perry and Bauchman. I do not know a lot about Perry and I am still trying to learn more about him, however he strikes me as a Nutjob. I like Mitt Romney but his chances of being the GOP candidate is slipping to the craziness involved in the extreme right. This is subject of another argument of why extremism is gaining more power in this country as oppose to sanity that we desperately need in these tough economic times.

So, am I being wrong here?

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