Sunday, September 11, 2011

CAIR’s 9/11 Message is Nothing but a Lie

Today is the 10th Anniversary of September 11th attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon. That is the day that changed the course of history and the last decade. The results were two wars and hundreds of thousands of people dead on both sides.
Of course what pursued after that day is subject to different argument and perspective. That is something I will not do because there is no point in it. However, what grabbed my attention was CAIR’s (Council for Islamic-American Relation) announcement for the anniversary. The leader said:
“It was always a gang of criminals, called al-Qaeda, who happened to be Muslim, who are trying to justify their acts through faith and through religion,” Rehab said. Rehab says the American people should not allow politicians, right-wingers and TV networks make them fear fellow Americans who are Muslim.
First and foremost, it was not a Gang of Criminals WHO HAPPENED TO BE MUSLIM. It was a Gang of criminals who WERE Muslims and having faith in Islamic FUNDAMENTALIST was the motivating factor behind their attack. It was no accident that they were Muslim. Being Muslim was a big factor in motivating them to conduct such deadly attack. What sect of Islam is the responsible party is a different argument. However, let’s not deceive the world. The second issue is that they were not a gang criminals. As a matter of fact, many of these terrorist did not have any criminal records. The acts in itself is criminal. However, up to the point of attack, they pretty much held a clean criminal record. Therefore, this statement in itself is a lie because 1. They were not a gang of criminals and 2. they did not “happen” to be Muslims.
However, on the eve of September 11th, there are major issues that CAIR needs to address instead of such a pathetic statement that is nothing but a lie. Instead of stepping up to the plate, they simply passed the bucket and blamed others for their problems. CAIR needs to tackle issues such as their ties to Islamic Terrorist Groups such as Hamas. CAIR needs to clean its act and its stand against Israel before it could even try to blame others for the problem. CIAR has been misleading Americans for way too long and only recently FBI finally got the memo and cut off contact with this group. This group has been subject to numerous investigations.
The main issue is CAIR being a group that support terrorism and they use Islamic law of Taghieh (which allows for a Muslim to lie and deceive for greater good of Islam) to push their agenda. One should not mistake CAIR with typical Muslims. In the U.S., 99.99% of Muslims are peaceful Muslims that have found refuge in this country and they are simply trying to go through their lives. I personally happen to have a lot of friends who are Muslims. However, groups like CAIR are not the representative of these people.
CAIR needs to clean up its act. They need to take a stronger stand against ALL SORTS OF ATTACK ON CIVILIANS INCLUDING ISRAELIS. If CAIR wants to be taken seriously, they need to stop encouraging Anti-Israel actions on campuses, support for Islamic Groups in the region, and using their resources to put a more humanitarian face on the terrorist groups in Israel.

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