Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Epidsode of Egyptian Anti-Semitisim

Egypt is blowing up! AGAIN! I really do not know what to say about this. However, what caught my attention were the posters that Anti-Morsi protesters were using. They had his picture in the middle of an Israeli flag. They are basically calling him a Zionist Spy or sympathizers. Really? This is your argument? Morsi is a Zionist agent and that is why he is screwing up. Sweet mother of G-d, you VOTED him in, this is your product. NOW LIVE WITH IT! I respect your right to protest, I respect your right to reject a leader, but I cannot respect your opinion when it is based upon hate.

Egyptian masses are by far one of the most Anti-Semitic societies in the region. Their entire culture has invested its values upon blaming Jews and hating of the Jews. Every time their country hit a bump on the road, they look to outside to blame their problems. Personal accountability is never a factor in that region. Egyptian citizens VOTED in masses for Morsi. Muslim Brotherhood decisively won the election. When the Egyptians were faced with the reality of their vote, they decided to reject him. Anybody with double digit IQ would have told you that Muslim Brotherhood primary goal would be to institutionalize Islamic law. The good of the country was not the primary goal. Institutionalizing Islamic Law would entail passing laws that would infringe many legal and human rights that our contemporary civilized society will utilize to create a functioning society.
Perfect examples include women rights and gay rights in the society. When the Egyptian realized that Muslim Brotherhood is simply chasing after its religious obligation rather than Egyptian national interest, they want to change. How do they want to change it? They want to change it by calling Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi Zionist agents. My message to Egyptian: until the day that you promote personal accountability, your leaders will not embrace it, and if your leaders do not embrace it, then your country will never find its path to success. Egypt has to abandon Anti-Semitism, its leaders MUST work on educating its citizens about the horrific effects of Anti-Semitism in the society. Other than that, Egypt will remain the slum of the Middle East.

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