Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mr. Dagan, Please SHUT UP!

I really do not like to analyze internal aspect of Israeli politics. However, this guy (Dagan) is really getting on my nerves. Here is what he said,

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan offered on Wednesday a strong rebuttal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that Israel must instill fear in the heart of Syria. Responding to the prime minister's implied threat, Dagan asserted: "If you want to shoot – shoot – don't talk".

He is the most irresponsible Mossad Chief in the history of Israel. What kind of a former intelligence chief would be running their mouth like this guy does? With regards to Iran, his excuse was that Bibi is dragging Israel into a deadly war that it cannot win. What is his excuse now? Why is he meddling and offering such ridiculous rebuttals? Is Israel’s existence the excuse for him to get involved? I believe he has something bigger in mind which is Politics. He gained international popularity with regards to his stand and the rift and division he created inside Israel with regards to Iran and its nuclear program. I think he enjoyed doing that a lot and he wants to stay in the political arena. Mr. Dagan, it is time for you to shut up and put Israel’s existence in front of your personal agenda and gain. I know it might look very poetic to provide rebuttal to the current Israeli government and you as an individual are well within your rights to do so, however keep in mind that you were the former Mossad chief and you cannot use that position to push your personal opinion as the national agenda.
At the end, as sad as the situation is in Syria, Israel SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED unless their interests are DIRECTLY affected by the situation in Syria. Example: if Syria is handing over weapons to Hezbollah, Israel should hit them and hit them hard. However, if it does not involved Israel directly, Israel should not get involved at all. Israel is viewed as the common enemy or the escape goat in the region. If Israel gets involved, it would literally hand in the license to kills anybody to Syrian regime. Mr. Daggan false contention is that Israel should shoot if it choses to and not talk. Israel should always provide its enemy with deterrence and you establish that deterrence with actions and strong words. Bibi is doing the right thing by warning Syria and Bibi has fulfilled its promise. When Israel chooses to use strong words, it is to transit a strong message to its enemy of the consequences. Dagan has no place what so ever to come in here and tell the Prime Minister what to say or not say. However, as I mentioned above, Dagans comments has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong, it has to do with his personal political goal. So, I respectfully ask him to shut up!

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