Thursday, June 27, 2013

Iran Silent on Lynching of Shiite Worshipers

First and foremost, I would like to warn you that this clip is very graphic. This clip is lynching mob in Egypt who are murdering a Shiite worshiper. I would like to be on the record, I am not defender of Iran or their religious Shiite imperialistic agendas. Iran is trying to produce a Shiite majority in the region and they do not stop at any cost to push their agendas. If you need direct evidence for this contention, you should look at Syria where Hezbollah and their boss, the Iranian regime, who have murdered 93,000 Muslims. However, this is barbaric. This is unacceptable; this is something that even sub-humans would not do it. Here is the clip.

The interesting part of this is that Iran, a Shiite regime, did not condemn the lynching. They were absolutely silent on the issue. The only Iranian news outlet that reported on this was Fars News Agency. The funniest part: THEY BLAMED THE ZIONISTS! Are you seriously kidding me? The reason for such a move is that Islamic Regime of Iran classified the Egyptian revolt as an “Islamic Awakening”. Well, I am not disagreeing with that view; however this is the direct product of such “Awakening”. At the same time, Iran: YOU ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, NOT THE ZIONIST. Iran and Hezbollah have conducted mass murder of Syrians who are predominantly Sunnis. They are doing it in the name Shiite, so you are responsible for it. Of course, these worthless regimes and movements would NEVER EVER take responsibility for anything. To make it even worst was their silence. They are the defender of Muslims and Shiite as they have proclaimed themselves to be, however when it comes to their own kind, they are just absolutely silent.

I personally condemn this act in every level. I do not care for the fact that they have been pissed off by Iran and Shiites activities in the region. If you are pissed off, go fight them in Syria. Acting like hordes of barbaric animals and murdering an INNOCENT worshiper is never the answer. But in all seriousness, DID YOU EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT? Enjoy your revolution Egyptians!! Remember the fact that you look down on Israelis as sub-humans? Now enjoy your own culture and revolution. I have zero respect for Egypt at this point because every time I look at their culture, media, or anything from Egypt, it is filled with blatant Anti-Semitism toward Jews and Israel. I will never respect that country until they start acting like responsible culture and civilized nation in the region.

Special thanks to "For a democratic secular Iran. For peace and prosperity in the Middle East". I found this story on this blog.

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