Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Anti-Israel is Anti-Semitism: Here Is a Small Example

Anti-Israel and Anti-Israel is Anti-Semitism. Here is a small glimps of their hatred. Here is a video of this poor Rabi that was shot in cold-blood.

Would you like to know what happened or why/how did it happen? It is very simple, first video is the effect of the second video. The next video will explain exactly what happened. They are screaming, “From Rivers to the Sea, Palestine will be free!” This is 100% genocidal slogan because they want to cleanse the land of any Jews. That is what they are actually screaming from their lungs. You see, this poor Rabi was murdered in Miami where the same protest that I have the video below took place. This is not shocking at all; murder is the nature of Palestinian Cause and its supporters. Well, it is nothing new, it is global and Islamic Anti-Semitism masking itself as being Pro-Palestinian. By the please notice the violent nature of these Anti-Israel protests. There is nothing human about them, they are acting like bunch of animals and that is because they fueled by Hatred of Jews. Palestinian lives being saved HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

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