Monday, August 11, 2014

True Genocide

Terrorist-apologists’ propaganda machine is full force in terms of their effort to defame Israel. Of course, most of their numbers are fraudulent, most of the dead are either fake or result of Hamas’ wrong-doing in the area. Besides all the deceptions that these terrorist apologists love to use against Israel, they love to throw around the world “genocide”. The biggest rebuttal to such argument is that if Israel was committing “genocide”, how come Palestinian population is increasing exponentially? At the same time, these terrorist apologists have never and will never utter a single word about the true “genocide” being committed by IS (former ISIS). The reason is quite simple, they simply do not care for humanity as they love to identify their intentions. They are mostly Islamist and fueled by hatred of Jews. A real genocide is taking place in the neighboring countries, yet these terrorist apologists turn a complete blind eye to it simply because they cannot target and defame Jews in them. Here is a small glimpse of true genocide as oppose to the Pallywood version of what they call genocide which involves fake photos, videos, and other forms of deceptions.

Also, let's not forget about Kurdish Heroes who are assisting these poor civilians at their time of need. These Kurds deserves a lot of respect.

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