Thursday, August 21, 2014

Documentary About the Islamic State (IS-Former ISIS)

This is the true genocide. IS (Former ISIS) is the true meaning of mass-murderers with deadly goals. IS and their supporters and sympathizers are completely honest about their evil intentions which are world domination and mass killing of people. It is amazing, these guys are committing the exact crimes that Anti-Israel camp is accusing Israel of doing; yet, the Anti-Israel camp does not have nor presented a single shred of accurate evidence to support their claim against Israel. Now, this same camp is absolutely silent about the crimes committed by IS (Former ISIS).

When I watched this video, I swear I thought I was back in Iran and watching the State Television. This documentary will show in detail the nature of IS and methods utilized by them to enforce their laws. It resembles a lot like the propaganda I used to see in the Iranian TV. They say the same exact thing about Jihad, about Islam, about training of the kids, about Kuffar (Non-believer's'), and many other similarities. I saw the same tactic to create propaganda and to brain-wash their masses. They openly lie and you could this pattern of deception when it comes to their propensity in the global aspect. There is no difference between these Islamic Groups. There is a difference when it comes to practicing of the religion, but at the end, their ideology, goals, and tactics are exactly the same.

So, the world needs to wake up and recognize this issue and confront IS with the outmost ruthlessness. There is no negotiating with these guys. These guys are not from poor societies that you could buy yourself out of by throwing money at it. These guys are very well-educated and they are motivated by religion and ideology. The only language that these guys will simply understand is death and removing them from our civilized global society. Previous arguments regarding social status, income, or dignity being the main reason behind suicide bombings has been debunked because it is apparent that these guys are motivated by religion. You could see a lot of these fighters came from European countries. They are not coming from villages in Muslim countries. They are simply motivated by religion and violence.

I have also included another video from early 80s where this kid in Iran is talking about how he loves fighting for the Islamic Government of Iran. I wish I could find the same clip with English translation, but the kid in this video sounds exactly the same as the kid in the IS video.

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