Friday, August 15, 2014

Hamas OPENLY Admits Intimidating Foreign Press

So, this terrorist group is openly admitting that Journalists should report it their way or it is the “highway.” The significant of this video admission is the fact that by labeling them as “pursuing the Zionist narrative, they were collaborating with the Zionist”, it proves that Hamas has been lying about what really is happening in Gaza. Of course, it has always been a method utilized by dictators and illegal terrorist groups to control the media because that is exactly how they are brainwashing their people to even support their cause. You see people like her and supporter of Hamas are not really civilized or support freedom of information. These people think that they are obligated to force their narration on others, which happens to be completely false and almost nothing but propaganda. Funniest part of this equation is the fact that UN and UNRWA are taking these false and fake reports produced by this terrorist group as fact. These Hamas supporters know full-well the level of the fraud that they are executing and that is why they see the need to intimidate the journalist and distort the truth. I have always said this, “if Palestinian claims to be just and truth, why do they always have to distort truth and facts in order to prove their point?” Israel conducted one of the most ethical military operations in the history of military conflicts and yet the world has decided to condemn her for protecting its citizens. This is the proof for Global Anti-Semitism that I have written about in my previous posts.

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