Thursday, March 20, 2008

Accepted Racism in the U.S

Barrack HUSSEIN Obama is a joke. I cannot believe this guy is actually a Candidate to become U.S President. First his wife’s ranting about America and now this. Just imagine if a white candidate’s pastor would have said that it is all Black people’s fault. Hell would break loose; they would not even let him explain himself. It is unbelievable. However, in this country, we tolerate racism as long as it is not a white guy. We tolerate Muslim racism toward Jews and Blacks, we tolerate Black racism against white and Jews, and we tolerate Latino’s racism (Mexican-aka La Raca which means the race) against Blacks and White people. And yes we are going to tolerate this racist Pastor too. People like Farrakhan, radical Arabs and Muslim Fundamentalists who despise this country, and this racist Pastor are endorsing and supporting this candidate. The funny part is that media and liberals are going crazy for this guy and he has shown absolutely nothing about who he really is or what plans he has for future. When did Race and Gender take over U.S Presidency and especially Democratic Party? Barack Obama has nothing to offer in terms of where he stands on issues, and yet Media and Liberals are in love with guy. This is what I love to call absolute idiocy and stupidity. I believe these two cartoons explain the situation better.

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