Friday, March 28, 2008


This movie is unbelievable. This film is directed by a Dutch Producer and now he is hiding because he has received several death threats from the “religion of Peace” followers. It has made a huge fuss and Muslims around the world are enraged by this movie. Please just judge for yourself: there are many movies and so-called documentaries that are full of lies and insult every religion out there in the world, but they call this movie an “insult” to their religion when it is only showing you facts, not made up conspiracy theories and accusation. This movie is not denying a historical fact, it is just showing you what has happened and what is actually written and what has been said by Muslim Fundamentalists. Not all Muslims are like this, but this is for those idiots in this country who defend these Muslim fundamentalists and justify their murderous ideology and tactics.

Due to threat to my own life, I decided to take down the video. Law enforcement officials have been notified and they are investigating this matter. I really hope this is not some ugly joke from the terrorist apologists because Police is involved now.

UPDATE 3:30 PM of Friday, March 28th 2008

Today is truly a sad day for freedom of speech. Once again, followers of “religion of peace” were able to rape freedom of speech by threat of violence. The video that I had put up this morning was taken down because of threat of violence against the site. This is truly amazing because these animals are always the one who complain about being targeted by West. They claim that they are the true innocent actors in this struggle. Now these so called “oppressed” people have damaged one of West’s key accomplishments which is Freedom of Speech. I have decided to post another video of those who are fighting these 7th Century barbarians to preserve these Western values. Until these guys are alive, we won’t see those barbarians winning. Seriously, I thank G-d for these guys because these are the guys who are standing up to such coward animals who hide behind their woman and children and conduct their attacks. Their tactics resembles those terrorist apologists in this country who hide their identity like cowards and insult others. Oh well, once again, these are all cowards.


Anonymous said...

Dan G.
what did YOUthink o the movie?

Ben Kahen said...

i think it shows a lot of things taht we choose to ignore. This is a reality that sooner or later will confront us. It shows the kind of cruelty that is facing us and if we choose to soften up our stance against it, it will burn us.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Dan G.

liveleak took the movie down

what do I think? Well, I don't want to say that I disliked the movie, because I enjoyed it in some sense. The threat is NOT terrorism- terrorism is a problem but not number one. The issue is the broader incompatibility betwen (radical?) Islam and Western Civilization which Wilders demonstrated towards the end of the film in terms of homosexuality/womens rights and such (although heshould have mentioned nonmuslim male rights as well)

I want to say that Wilders focused too much on terrorism and too little on women's rights, gay rights, jew hatred, christian rights, etc not to mention cruel and unusual punishment such as stoning to death, amputation etc

Ben Kahen said...

Yeah LiveLink got a lot of death threat for the movie and they took it down. That's why I had to go and find it on Youtube. I believe Youtube will not keep it up much longer either.

About Radical Islam, well unfortunately many terrorist apologists try to divert our attention and many opportunitst try to minimize the threat. That is why, Radical Islam has made huge progress in the past and western society is trying to ignore the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ben B.

He should've made the movie longer. He should've explained more about each of the pictures of people being killed. He should've also covered more historical facts, like the Hindu Genocide, where 100+ million Hindus were killed by Muslims. And yes, more verses from the Koran, including how to torture and kill people should have been used.

Also, I think he had too much about Homosexuals in his movie. He should've covered women in Islam a bit more, and, more importantly, ISLAMIC TREATMENT OF NON-MUSLIMS! Islamic treatment of Homosexuals is not going to convince enough people that Islam is a threat to us, although, all the Leftists will start to criticize Islam for being intolerant against Homosexuals (but only for that reason, LOL) - that's why the majority of Ahmadinejad protesters at Columbia were there. It needs to be made clear that our very survival is at stake. He should've made it more clear that extermination of all Non-Muslims is exactly what Islam is about.

Overall, Geert Wilders made a good movie. It was a job well done.

It will be up to people like us to make more movies exposing Islam, as well as spread the facts about Islam around the world through debating and articles, which AI Contributors, as well as Ben Kahen is doing here.

Also, Iranian-born Dutch Politician Ehsan Jami will be making a movie about Mohammad, where he will prove Mohammad was a pedophile and criminal. Jami has left Islam and is an Atheist. He was also assaulted by Muslims in his hometown. The movie is due out around April 20.

But, most importantly of all, LiveLeak has banned the movie, either because very serious threats were sent to it by Muslims, Communists, and Fascists; or because it doesn't want to be involved in this situation. Whatever the reason is, it is now up to the average Kaffir to distribute the movie all over the Internet. Let's roll.

Anonymous said...

Masha W.

by the way...i wonder, aren't the producers SCARED?!!!!!!! There was another filmmaker, about the treatment of women in Islam who was murdered. And he isn't the first, sadly.

Ben, thanks for the info

Ben Kahen said...

Livelink abandoned this movie and it made it the movie even more popular. My site has been receiving huge number of hits for this clip.

Anonymous said...

"There was another filmmaker, about the treatment of women in Islam who was murdered. And he isn't the first, sadly."

The movie was called Submission and the filmmaker was Theo Van Gogh (yes, he was related to the painter).