Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is awesome. The same guy who tortured and harassed Iranian women in the streets of Tehran, Tehran's police Chief, is caught naked with six prostitutes. Click here for the story. Damn dude, slow your horses: not one, not two, not three, SIX!? He must have been watching too much Western porn. This puts New York Governor’s case in a perspective. He used the call-girl services eight times; this man was caught with six at once. This is funny. By the way, he was not busted because Iranian police is working to restore moral issues; he was busted due to rivalry and power-struggle between the gangs within the Iranian government and police and armed forces. The order to do the bust came directly from a rival member of the government.

Anyways, I do not care neither would I denounce his act as immoral act. It is his private life. However, what matter to me is the HYPOCRACY involved here. This man talked about morality and defending Islam’s honor and how it is an insult to Islam with the way the women dress in the streets of Tehran. If he was the type of guy who would not have carried out the raid on women last April in Tehran’s street, even if he was with twenty women, it would not have made a difference. However, this idiot was one of the planners of those hideous crimes that were committed against those women. (Here are previous two posts: post 1 [with video clip of treatment of those women] and post 2 with a good picture}is something I posted about those with a video clip). And now, he is busted. One statement comes to mind which is: WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!


Anonymous said...

Mat W.
Nice. Hilarious. Were you planning on getting back to me regarding AI on Wordpress?

Ben Kahen said...

Honestly I'm burried with work now. But I am definitely interested and I will get back to you in a close future.

Anonymous said...

So funny and so sad at the same time. Only the image of this chimpanzee NAKED makes me laugh!!!! ;D Yack! :P

Thanks for sharing!

Ben Kahen said...

Just imagine what was his excuse when he was busted naked. That must have been halarious.