Monday, March 03, 2008

Writing Something!

I wanted to write about something today. I just didn’t know where to start. I thought about writing about the violence in Terrorist Safe Heaven Gaza, and then I thought what’s new about it: media biased in coverage of the story, international interference with prejudicial opinions about what is taking place, or the fact that Hamas declared victory just like that moron Nasrallah. Then I decided there is nothing new to write about, same old story with the same characteristic. Then I thought about writing about that Moron Chavez. He really boils my blood with his stupidity and now this so-called peaceful loving president is gearing up for a war over an event that took place in a different country. I honestly believe this guy is a moron; his rhetoric is nothing but leftist horse-crap that Soviets and Castro was selling their people. This ideology was proven to be disastrous time after time and now Chavez is bringing them back again. I am not going to into detail although it is tempting. Then I wanted to write about my personal life and realized it is not that interesting. I even thought about writing about the disgusting crime-scene pictures that I saw in my class today, then I decided that I did not want to remember in detail or even spend any more time analyzing it, let alone write about it. At last, I just decided that the best thing to do is to pay tribute to IDF soldiers with a music video. So, I posted this video. I just want to tell them: good job and Kol Hakavod. Thank you for protecting Israel by endangering your life. As Jews, we appreciate what you are doing.


Anonymous said...

Dan G.
I'm not sure what specifically Hamas is declaring victor over and to be honest, it doesn't really matter whether or not they are truly victorious. When terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah believe that they are victorious, it only encourages more violence towards Israelis and towards Palestinians, Lebanese, etc. Its for this reason why disproportionate levels of force are so necessary. Hezbollah didnt' win over the summer against Israel, but they thought they did and now we are facing an inevitable future war.

Ben Kahen said...

i'm just sick and tired of these lies. Lying has become the true nature of these people and governments. Look at Iran, a while ago they through these huge celebration saying they have won based on the AlBaradei's report. The funny part is that same report caused new round of sanctions against Iran. Same goes for Hamas, they are declaring victory, over what? they lost more than hundred people with 3 Israeli dead. Another victory is Hizbollah, they are declaring victories. They make up these phony dreams such as Israel being destroyed soon and the funny part some of the leftist wackos actually buy into that. It is sad.