Friday, March 07, 2008

Oh Israel Cry!

Oh cry Israel, cry! Your children are dead. Your Torahs are dipped in the blood of your offspring. The school grounds are red from the blood of its students. Oh Israel cry because the leaders of your country are dead. Oh Israel cry! Cry and cry because it is the only thing you could do today. Your democracy is a sham, your Knesset is corrupt, and the only thing your leaders care about at this time of tragedy is to “resume peace talks!”

Oh Israel cry because hopes of “Peace” are dead. Oh Israel cry because the animals are celebrating in the streets passing out candies while you leaders are talking to them to find “peace”. Oh Israel cry because the media chose to call your teenagers “people” to make it as impersonal as possible. Oh Israel cry because the same media would report an 19-year old gunman as a teenager if he was to be Palestinian. Oh Israel cry, when media calls the killer of your children, a “gunman” or “militant” instead of a terrorist. Oh Israel cry and cry! Israel cry because the worthless U.N can’t even pass a resolution condemning such a horrific crime because barbaric leaders and nations are the head of such organization. Oh Israel cry because you are alone and venerable today. Oh Israel cry because today more than ever it was shown who are your peace partners. Oh Israel cry because your enemy does not have any sense of humanity invested in them. Oh Israel cry because you are restrained by a world of money hungry and oil thirsty nations who don’t even give a shit about your children being murdered while studying.

Oh Israel cry! Oh Israel cry because your lions are being restrained to protect your gates. Oh Israel cry because you have got all the guns in the world, all the best well-trained soldiers in the world, yet you got no leader to guide them. You have got the best protectors a country could ever ask for, yet they are being restrained by worthless corrupt leaders who are influenced by foreign pressure. Oh Israel cry because today is truly a sad day to see you like this.

Oh Israel cry because the word “peace”, “shalom”, or “salam” has lost its meaning. Its definition has turned into a “plan B to kill Jews without any revenge.” The word “peace” means that Israelis should get killed and you could do nothing about it. You are being surrounded by “religion of peace”, yet you haven’t a seen a single peaceful day since your birth. Oh Israel cry because you are constantly the target of this “religion of peace” and their propaganda. Oh Israel cry! Instead of drops of water, death, destruction and terror are raining down your cities.
Your citizens are being terrorized and bombarded and your leaders are thinking about peace instead of security of the nation. You are providing them with power, fuel, water, and electricity and instead your children are being killed and your citizens bombarded for it and at the end you still get condemned. OH Israel cry and cry. The word peace is meaningless to your “peace partners.” It means that your schools have rivers of blood of your children flowing through them and the so called peace loving “peace partners” are celebrating it. OH Israel cry and cry! Oh Israel cry!!!

UPDATE: A Rally for Victims of the Jerusalem Attack

This weekend, the Simon Wiesenthal Center will be holding a memorial and rally in Los Angeles for the victims of the terror attack in Jerusalem.

WHEN: Sunday, March 9, 2008, 4-5 pm
WHERE: Young Israel of Century City
9317 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, 90035
(Between Rexford and Glenville Dr

UPDATE: Pictures of the victims


Anonymous said...

Ben Brown

Great article. Very touching.

Sadly, it seems that only more People have been killed for nothing. I have yet to see Israel go and take the right course of action to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

End the Islamic Occupation of Jewish Lands!

And, keep up the good work. We need more articles like this and we need to distribute them to every single Westerner.

Ben Kahen said...

Oh well, i am sending it to whoever who I can find, so now it's ur job (not a responsibility but more like a favor) to send it to people and invite people to read and participate in it!

Anonymous said...

Praying, too.
With great love for your people.

Ma Sands

Anonymous said...

This Catholic Mexican shares your pain. It horrible that decent people are being victims of savagery and hatred. In you, I embrace all the Jewish people, hoping it will be of a little bit of comfort.
I'll be praying for the murdered ones and for the whole of the spiritual Israel to be protected and blessed by God.
Be strong!

Ben Kahen said...

Thank you all for those prayers, but honestly I don't believe praying is the answer here. Israel needs to wake up. Maybe praying help us feel better, but it doesn't make the situations any better. These kids were doing exactly what you are talking about, praying and they murdered. It is time to do something.

Anonymous said...

Well said.
I am moved and angered at the same time.
Would that the spirit of King David rise from his slumber and lead Israel to victory.

Shaky Louie

Sarge Charlie said...

Is there no end to it, you have spent a lifetime trying to make peace, sometimes you have to make war.

Ben Kahen said...

We don't need King David, we need to start fighting again. We need to put an end to the weak link of our society, or at least shut them up for a little while until things are better and then let them talk again.

Ben Kahen said...

Sarge charlie:

we tried peace didn't work, we will have a war to bring peace, that's also an option that should be considered.

Anonymous said...

Shira K
Sad is the idiots who are supposedly running the country have no pride and are responsible for allowing savge subhuman arabs to commit such crimes against their citizens.
Sad is that when I heard about this tragedy, for probably the first time, I reconsidered moving to Israel and raising a family there with such fools in charge who practically refuse to protect their citizens against subhuman trash. How can I send my kids to school knowing the government allows these subhumans to walk around as they please, and slaughter my children as they please? Sad huh?
I see no end in sight to this corruption and injustice the people of Israel have to deal with all the time. We need someone like rav Kahene to shape up, before it's too late.

Ben Kahen said...

well you need to move there and raise your kids there, cuz maybe the kids that you'll grow there will end up being the leaders that israel desperately needs today.

Anonymous said...

Amen ve Amen. But I hope the solution comes before my kids are old enough to make a change.
you have a really great article here Ben. nicely Done.

Ben Kahen said...

Thank you for the kind word

ZZ Staff said...

Picked the link from LGF...
The islamic fascists believe they are winning the war of fear by these acts. The argument goes that Israel should be "restrained"... I ask WHY?

There is a story that the casualties would have been greater if another armed student did not kill the attacker. The U.S. media will not discuss this since it promotes the argument of conceled gun permits on school campuses.

We plan on running an article on this at ZardozZ News and Satire

We would like to invite you to add your site to our blogring since your material appears interesting and aligned with our readership. If you are interested, you can find further information at the ZZ OpenRing. This is not meant as spam but as a sincere invitation. Hope you'll join us...
--- ZZ Staff

Mike said...

Amen. Well put.

God bless Israel